Supernatural Miracle Power

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By Dr. Larry Ollison

While Peter was in Joppa talking to Cornelius and his relatives and close friends, he made a very interesting statement. He said that God had anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit and power and He went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil (Acts 10:38). A nugget of truth that is hidden away in this statement is this. The healing of the oppressed by Jesus took place after He was anointed by the Holy Spirit, and the power to heal was included with the anointing.

Remember, in all of the gospels there is not one miracle recorded at the hands of Jesus until after the Holy Spirit came upon Him in the Jordan River. But immediately after that event, He was empowered to heal the sick, raise the dead, and defy earthly physics. He later told His disciples in John 14 they would do the same works that He did, only greater (v. 12).

Remember also, just before He ascended into heaven forty-three days after His crucifixion, He told His disciples they would receive power after the Holy Spirit had come upon them (Acts 1:8). There is a direct correlation between supernatural miracle power and being filled with the Holy Spirit.

“God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him.” Acts 10:38

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