'You're Going to Die'

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By Dr. Larry Ollison

When the devil attacks, he attacks on many fronts. When he attacks physical health, there is the pain, then the diagnosis with the charts, and then the words from the physician. The feeling within your body, the proof you see with your eyes, and the words you hear from the doctor are the enemy’s attempt to cause fear and hopelessness within you.

One Sunday morning many years ago, my wife and I were sitting in the balcony of the local church as the meeting was about to dismiss. The deacon of the week walked onto the platform and took his place behind the pulpit. He was about to give the benediction when an older man, probably in his seventies, began walking down the long center aisle toward the front of the church. Even with the large crowd, the church was quiet. All eyes were on the older gentleman.

Upon reaching the front, he spoke to the congregation. In a deep cracking voice, he said, “I’ve never gone to church much, but last week I did go to the doctor. He said that my disease was terminal and that there was no hope for me medically. The doctor said that my only hope was God. I thought that if God could be found, it must be in a church, so here I am.”

While the doctor was not necessarily trying to be religious, he instinctively knew that there was a power that was greater than the physical reality of the man’s situation. Even though he told the farmer that there was nothing he could do medically and that his body was going to die, he gave the man hope.

When the doctor gave his report to the farmer, the farmer had a choice to make. He could choose to focus on the statement from the doctor that said he would die, or he could focus on the statement by the doctor that there was hope in God. His decision at that moment would determine his destiny. To focus solely on the problem would be submitting to the fear of the future, but to seek God would bring hope.

The doctor unwittingly planted the seed for choice. Regardless of where the bad news comes from, there is always a choice. While impending destruction may appear visible on charts, graphs, and x-rays, the destruction itself has not been experienced yet. Likewise, the written Word of God revealed in your heart is the promise of your deliverance. The deliverance or the destruction are future. Faith and fear activate your future. Worry leads to fear and hope leads to faith.

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