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Long-Term Hopelessness

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By Dr. Larry Ollison

It is possible for people to have been hopeless for such a long time that hopelessness itself has become a way of life. The dreams of youth have vanished, and life has become endless days full of tasks and duties with every day like the day before. The expectation for tomorrow is just another day like the days that have passed.

They’re living the life they never thought they would live, but because they are blinded to the possibility of hope, they have become what everyone wants them to be. They function in society, doing what’s expected and feigning joy. While everything looks normal on the outside, there is emptiness within.

Once they have reached this state, they need a supernatural spiritual intervention. Because they don’t recognize the state they are in, they don’t seek deliverance.

But even in this state, deliverance is possible! The grace of God can outperform any deception that the enemy brings. It may seem that this darkness is impenetrable, but there is a spiritual truth that proves the opposite to be true: God is light, and light always overpowers darkness.

Devotion 0683

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