The Deception of Fame

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By Dr. Larry Ollison

If there was ever anything that we have learned from Hollywood, it's this: fame without true character based upon godly principles can never bring happiness. While fame with character can allow you to fulfill some desires in your heart, it can never replace the source of your hope that are promises from God. In the same way that it is an illusion and untrue that wealth has the power to bring hope, it is likewise impossible for fame to satisfy your heart and lead you to victory in your life.

Through the years and decades of my life, countless movie stars and musicians have needlessly taken their lives. In almost every case they left behind excessive fortunes and great fame. But even with fame, evidently there still remained an emptiness and brokenness that fortune and fame could not repair.

A great deception, especially among the young, is that fame itself will bring fulfillment and satisfaction in life. The Bible says that faith pleases God (Hebrews 11:6). But while fame is not bad in itself (it is a tool that can be used to influence people), it does not bring lasting peace to man, nor does it please God. Faith pleases Him, not fame. Fame is an illusion with no substance.

Many people who become famous find that their fame is superficial and discover that it only lasts for a short season. Sometimes their fame relies solely on their abilities and skills. This deception of fame sometimes starts in childhood. Sadly, for many this immature action develops into an adult lifestyle. Let me explain.

In elementary and middle school there are children who have natural talents as well as good looks. Many usually end up being class presidents, cheerleaders, and stars of the most popular sports team at the school. Some of these young children are pushed into the limelight and develop a self-confidence that is attractive. In their school, these children are famous. Many times, other students will do anything they can just to be seen with them or to talk to one of these popular students. To a degree, it's natural to be drawn to leaders and confident people. But all too often children will do anything to associate with those of popularity. This can be deadly if the character of the popular child is flawed.

While we see this trend in children, it should be avoided as we mature in life. Yes, we are all drawn to those of influence, but we should never submit our will to them. When I was younger, my mother asked me if all the other kids jumped off a cliff, would I? I remember thinking to myself, it depends on which kid jumped.

So, the conclusion is this: it's the nature of mankind to be influenced toward the good or bad by the friendships we make. Fame, like money, is not evil, but can be used as a tool for good or evil. The Bible says that Jesus had great fame that spread throughout the region. He used His fame to draw the multitudes so He could preach the gospel to them. On the other hand, I have known of famous people who have used their fame to manipulate other people out of their fortunes. While fame is a tool, it should never be the goal.

Fame is a source of false hope. The physical things of life that you can see (fame, fortune, and earthly friendships) may appear to be the source of your hope, but they are not. It is true that God can use fame, fortune, and people to bring encouragement and guidance. But ultimately, they are not your source and cannot bring the perfect peace and healing to your broken heart that you desire. The only true source of hope is God's promises to you written in His Word.

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